Why We Often Work with Job Candidates Throughout Their Careers

Posted February 29th, 2024 by Shona Tischner, Urban Legal Recruitment

One great thing about having been in the legal recruitment field for almost two decades is that we’ve had the privilege of connecting with so many talented professionals in the legal field. The legal market is fairly small, and through searching for candidates to fill our advertised positions, we get to know who’s out there and what they have to offer. Over time, our paths cross several times, and we often help them move from one position to the next. In this post, we outline our long-term approach to legal recruitment. 

Embracing Career Evolution in the Legal Field

The one thing about your legal career is that it’s always evolving. This evolution is the key to personal growth and professional success, and it requires a certain amount of adaptability. You need to push yourself to meet new challenges and invest in continuing education and skills to take your career to the next level. We understand that legal professionals often seek new opportunities for growth and advancement, and we strive to connect candidates with opportunities for further achievement. 

Our Commitment to Lifelong Relationships

One of the best things about specializing in recruitment in a niche industry is that we can get to know the legal job seekers very well. We enjoy nurturing relationships with our candidates and learning more about their career aspirations. When we identify talented individuals, we thoroughly evaluate your abilities for a particular role, but if it doesn’t work out, we’ll keep you in mind for future positions that you may be well-suited to. 

Building Trust for the Long Term

We believe that trust is the foundation for a successful partnership, and we are here to help you navigate your career. This is why we invest time in building long-lasting relationships and fostering a culture of open communication and mutual understanding in all of our interactions.

Stay Connected with Career Check-Ins 

So much can change within a couple of years of starting a new position; between updated knowledge and skills and gaining a wider range of experiences, it’s always good to keep us updated on your progress when you’re looking to climb the career ladder. By staying connected and understanding your evolving needs, we can provide ongoing support based on your unique professional journey.

How We Help Legal Candidates Achieve Their Career Goals

As a proactive firm in the legal recruitment field, we understand the changes that characterize this industry. We take the time to understand the perspective of both the client and the candidate to ensure the right fit for each position. For the candidate, that means understanding what you want in your career and ensuring these needs are met; for our clients, a candidate whose needs are fully met should allow for a long and fruitful relationship.  

How Law Firms Can Benefit from Our Expertise

Law firms and other companies searching for in-house team members can benefit greatly from our expertise in legal recruitment. Our success in matching our clients with the best candidates comes from the fact that we have deep insights that go beyond a candidate's education and skills.

Draw from a Large Pool of Talented Candidates

With over two decades of experience working with legal candidates, we’ve built a pool of talented professionals to choose from. 

Committed to Finding the Best Candidates 

Online platforms such as LinkedIn are an essential resource when connecting with potential new hires. We advertise frequently, and our job listings bring in an average of 40-50 new applications each day, so you’re never spoiled for choice.

Fill Your Position Efficiently

When you’re looking through a pile of resumes, it’s not always easy to know where to start. That’s where experience comes in; over the years, we’ve learned to identify top candidates efficiently. Our knowledge, processes, and intuition allow us to move forward quickly and confidently so we can get closer to finding your new hire.

Save Time & Money

Our service offers several advantages over recruiting candidates yourself, saving both time and resources. We qualify the candidates, check their references, and interview them to assess their suitability for the role based on several parameters such as education, skills, experience, and alignment with company values. 

Benefit from a Trusted Partner in Recruitment

We only recommend well-qualified candidates who are ideally suited for the role. Once we turn over our short-listed candidates for review, we are happy to support you in the final decision-making process before you select your new hire.  

Helping Lawyers Find Legal Positions in Vancouver 

If you’re a job seeker interested in legal recruitment, browse our local job listings and send us your resume. We love getting to know new candidates and look forward to building a long-lasting relationship that lasts throughout your career.