Virtual Recruitment Tips in the Wake of COVID-19

Posted April 13th, 2022 by Urban Legal Recruitment

Virtual recruitment is now more prevalent than ever—and the legal field is no exception. 

Human resources teams can hire and onboard highly qualified assistants and paralegals working with recruitment agencies who can leverage online screening tests and interview effectively in a remote setting.

What does the virtual recruitment process look like? 

First, let’s discuss the value skilled paralegals and legal assistants bring to the table on a more general level.

The power of paralegals and legal assistants

While law firms should absolutely support their associates and partners, paralegals and legal assistants are just as important. These workers lay the foundation for the entire company by:

  • Helping to land (and retain) more clients and manage a higher number of caseloads.
  • Consistently meeting deadlines, conducting research, and catching errors.
  • Assisting with client communication, both written and verbal.

Of course, there’s no one set of qualifications for a paralegal or legal assistant. Strong writing skills, a legal background, and a willingness to run the occasional errand tend to top the list. Other qualifications may include the ability to complete an initial draft of documents or serve as a Canadian Commissioner for Oaths, and the completion of a legal assistant course. 

These all sound well and good, right? But as we emerge from COVID-19, more and more hiring managers are recruiting legal talent remotely. It’s important for human resources professionals to cover all their bases during the virtual legal recruitment process.

Tips for recruiting legal talent remotely 

Looking to fill legal and administrative support roles virtually this year? Your firm wouldn’t be the first. And virtual recruitment is perfectly viable, as long as you keep the following in mind:

Keep your process structured

Virtual recruitment offers unprecedented flexibility—and unprecedented responsibility. To streamline your legal support staff recruitment process, maintain a sense of structure. Start by carefully screening cover letters and resumes, list which candidates meet your qualifications, and decide on those you’d like to interview. Limit initial interviews to just 15 minutes in order to speak with a wider selection of people.

Conduct an excellent remote interview

Speaking of interviews, things look a little different virtually than they do in person. You want to make sure applicants are a good fit for both your firm and the position you’re hoping to fill—but a remote interview also gives you the chance to discuss challenges involving the pandemic, and assess the candidate’s response to distractions in their vicinity. Talk about a wonderful gauge of skills and character.

Ask for all the right paperwork

Virtual recruitment involves a whole lot more than simply vetting resumes and checking interviews off your list. Be sure to request all the relevant documentation from candidates as well, including references, writing samples, certifications, and aptitude tests. Screening for reading speed and number accuracy can help lower the risk of costly errors—something legal support staff should absolutely be able to avoid.

Know where to find top legal talent.

Finally, when virtually recruiting legal assistants and paralegals, it’s important to know where to turn. While word-of-mouth and traditional job boards can be very effective, Urban Legal Recruitment has expansive industry experience right here in Canada and knows exactly what to look for. Together, we can source the best talent for your unique needs and match you with the legal support staff you deserve.

Learn more about virtually recruiting legal support staff

Is your law firm or legal department looking to hire legal assistants or paralegals? 

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